Setting/primer sprays

I like them both on my face. The rimmel one I would choose if you are going on a holiday but don’t want to take setting spray and a primer spray bit a 2 in 1 spray for the holiday.

The wet ń wild one is a nice one for a primer spray as the other one but both are good in their own way.

You can get the wet ń wild one at your local Clicks and the other one at dischem or at Clicks but the primer water spray was a limited edition one.

Eyebrow pencil

This product is so amazing and it’s creamy at the same time. It’s no benefit cosmetics but it’s cheaper than benefit cosmetics.There is different shades from makeuprevolutionsa and from other brands that you can choose from. I got this from clicks and it change my eyebrows ever since I used it two weeks ago.It’s dual ended so its easier for you to travel with or just to put in your handbag. You can never go wrong with this product but if it’s not for you , you always can get other brands products at the store.

Rimmelsa transparent powder vs. Bake &finish from makeuprevolutionsa

Rimmel matched perfection transparent powder is lightweight for flawless and natural looking finish and last up to 8 hours.

The bake and finish powder from makeuprevolutionsa is similar to the rimmel powder but don’t recommend it for under the eyes because it gives it a white cast after a few hours but for the whole face definitely bake with it.

I like the revolution powder for under the eyes and the rimmel powder the rest of the face.

I love both powders on my face and it doesn’t leave my skin dry afterwards and have tested it and love the rimmel powder better than the makeuprevolutionsa one but when I contour my face it works well with the contour on my face.

Straws for life

You can get the metal straws from different online stores for different prices and reusable bags from Re.usables.and.such and from earthwarriorsa. There is different companies that you can go to in overseas that makes reusable products and metal straws and water bottles and Travel mugs that you can buy from.

There is different types of metal straws that you can buy like the bendable straws or the bamboo straws or the straight ones that you can buy for family and friends or you van take it on holiday with or when you go out to eat you can take your straw with you and use it with your drink or smoothie.

There is reusable bags that you can get from the Woolworths or checkers or pick ń pay if you live in South Africa that you can use every week at the shops for your food.

Straws for life is in Durban and you can get them online and with earthwarriorsa and other companies that sells metal straws or reusable bags.There is so many companies around the world that you can get these things from on social media accounts. If you are going to buy them it depends on each company how much they are going to price them at.

You can use your metal straws for smoothies or iced coffee/tea or cool drinks each day.


This set cost R105,00 for 2 with cleaner and you can get others for R40,00 for 1 or the set of 1 with cleaner is R70,00 or the set of 4 for R175,00 with cleaner.

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Tony moly facemask

It has a scent to but not that heavy but it’s a nice smell to it and you leave it on for 20to 30 minutes on your face.
It gives your skin a bit of a lift around the eyes and the scent only last a few seconds.

There are different types of sheet mask from tony moly that you can get from sephora in the United states.

I got mine from Istanbul that my mother got me last year with a few other ones too.

It’s never to late to start with a face mask or a sheet mask that you can get everywhere nowadays.

Loreal Pure Clay Detox Wash

I can highly recommend this to everyone who are on a budget every month. You can use the mask first and then wash your face after with this face wash and you can get 3 different types of face wash in this type of detox wash.

You can’t go wrong with l’oreal products but you have to do a budget every month it If you are going to buy other products too.

There is other face washes out there but between this one and the bioré cleanser is this two different cleansers perfect for my skin type.

BIORÉ Baking Soda pore cleanser

I am so in love with this face wash that I would recommend it to everyone and their family members to try it out. There’s two type of cleansers with nose strips that you can buy it at Clicks for R135 each. It came out recently and it works well with my combination skin as well as my sister’s dry skin. You can’t go wrong with this type of a cleanser.

If you are on a budget you can get the loreal face wash or the Nivea face wash if you can’t get the bioré cleanser right now.